Thursday, February 18, 2010

U.S. Department of Treasury, Bureau of Engraving & Printing Open Position

Job Title: Police Officer
Department: Department of the Treasury
Agency: Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Job Announcement Number: 2010-027

SALARY RANGE: 50,355.00 - 88,501.00 USD /year
OPEN PERIOD: Friday, January 22, 2010 to Friday, January 21, 2011
SERIES & GRADE: TR-0083-6/8
DUTY LOCATIONS: Few vacancies - Washington DC Metro Area, DC
WHO MAY BE CONSIDERED: Applications will be accepted from United States citizens and nationals.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) prints billions of Federal Reserve Notes for delivery to the Federal Reserve System each year (the BEP does not produce coins - all coinage is minted by the United States Mint). These notes are produced at our facilities in Washington, DC and Fort Worth, TX. In addition to U.S. currency, the BEP produces several other security documents such as portions of U.S. passports and materials for Homeland Security.

U.S. Citizenship
Designated and/or Random Drug Testing required.
Background and/or Security Investigation required.

Additional Duty Location Info:
Few vacancies - Washington DC Metro Area, DC

Incumbent serves as a member of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) Police Operations Division and is responsible for enforcing federal and municipal laws and Treasury Department/BEP Security rules and regulations. Work is performed on a three shift, seven day a week basis providing protection to the nation's producer of United States currency, and other high value security items. Maintains law and order, preserves the peace, protects the life, property and rights of the employees who work in, and visitors who come to the BEP. Stands post and patrols designated areas in order to detect and prevent violations. He/she prepares detailed reports of emergency situations, descriptions and locations of security and safety violations, etc. Places individuals under a warrant or warrantless arrest that may require subduing, handcuffing and otherwise restraining the arrested person until further disposition can be made. Incumbent qualifies on the firing range using primary weapons and carries a firearm on duty along with other police equipment.

HOW TO APPLY: Applicants must submit all of the following documents to be considered. Non-receipt of the required documents in the Office of Human Resources by the closing date, may invalidate your application or adversely affect your rating. The responsibility for demonstrating eligibility and qualifications by the closing date rests with the applicant. The Federal Government's application process can be lengthy, and assessment periods of 30 to 90 days before a decision is reached are common.

The applicant must submit:

(1) A resume or Optional Application for Federal Employment (OF-612 ); 2) A supplemental statement (on plain paper) which explains in full detail how your background and experience relates to the criteria listed in the METHOD OF EVALUATION section; 3) for current Federal employees, a performance appraisal within the last 18 months or, if none exists, a statement to that effect; 4) for current or previous Federal employees, a copy of your latest SF-50 to confirm status, current grade level, or confirmation of current pay; 5) a copy of your DD-214, military discharge paper, if you are a veteran; 6) a copy of Standard Form 15, Application for 10-Point Veterans' Preference, if you are claiming 10-Point veterans' preference; and 7) a copy of the college transcript(s) or a list of college courses or equivalent documentation to receive consideration for positions which have a positive education requirement;

Each resume or application must contain the following as described in the pamphlet entitled Applying for a Federal Job (OF-510). Failure to include this information may disqualify the applicant from further consideration. Announcement number, title, and grade of position for which applying. Personal information: full name, mailing address, and day and evening phone numbers. Social security number. Country of citizenship. Veteran's preference. Reinstatement eligibility. Highest Federal civilian grade held. Education: name, city, and state of high school. Date of diploma or GED. Name, city, and state of colleges and universities. Major. Type and year of any degree(s) received. Work Experience: Provide the following information for your paid and non-paid work experience related to the job for which you are applying: Job title; duties and accomplishments; Employer's name and address; Supervisor's name and phone number; Starting and ending dates; Hours per week; and Salary. Indicate whether we may contact your current supervisor. Other qualifications, job-related training courses, skills, certificates and licenses, and honors, awards, and special accomplishments.

Mail your application package to: Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Office of Human Resources, Room 446, 14th and C Streets, S.W., Washington, DC, 20228. For information regarding receipt of your application, please contact Rianna Little (202) 874-0506 or Katie Park at (202) 874-3205. Hearing impaired applicants may dial (202) 874-2415. The Office of Human Resources will accept completed application/resume packages: (a) e-mailed to no later than 5pm (eastern standard time) on the closing date of this announcement; (b) faxed to (202) 874-5845, no later than 5pm (eastern standard time) on the closing date of this announcement; or (c) received no later than the closing date of this announcement through the mail. DO NOT SUBMIT ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS: APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE COPIED OR RETURNED.

Human Resources
Phone: 202-874-3296 Or write:
Department of Treasury
14th & C. Street, S.W.
Employment Services Division
Washington, DC 20228

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