Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Department of Homeland Security, Office of Public Affairs Fall Internship Program Fall 2010 Internship Application

Fall 2010 Internship Application
All internship applicants must be U.S. Citizens; dual citizens are not eligible. Applicants must also be currently
enrolled and in good standing in a College or University. Applicants focused on Government, Political Science,
Comparative Politics, Public Affairs, Communications, or other related fields are preferred. In addition, internships are
unpaid and housing is not provided. A security clearance is required. In order to obtain a security clearance, all
selected candidates must pass a background check. All applicants must provide the DHS Office of Public Affairs (OPA)
with a copy of the following application, a cover letter and a resume no later than May 30th.
Due to the large number of applications received, we are unable to respond to all of the applicants individually. Only
those candidates under consideration will be contacted. Only email applications will be considered. Please email this
form and any supporting documentation to the attention of the OPA Internship Coordinator at

Last Name: ________________________ First Name: _______________________ Middle: __________
Are you a U.S. Citizen? YES NO
Do you have dual citizenship: YES NO
Will you be enrolled during the term for which you are applying? YES NO
College/University: _____________________________________________________________________
State: ______________ Expected graduation date (month/year): __________________________________
Date of Birth: _____________ Social Security Number: _______________ Place of Birth: ______________
Current mailing address: _________________________________________________________________
Permanent address: _____________________________________________________________________
Preferred address: Home Current Other ____________________________________________
Home telephone number: ______________________
Cell phone: _______________________________
Please complete the following to the best of your knowledge:
Have you ever interned/worked for a U.S. Government agency? YES NO
if so which one? _________________________________________________________________
Have you ever been granted a security clearance? YES NO
If so, which type: Confidential Secret Top Secret Other _______________
When was this clearance granted: ____________
Is this clearance active? YES NO
If no, was this clearance: Suspended Revoked Administratively withdrawn Denied
Provide date of action for any of the above:____________________________________________
Is this an interim or temporary clearance? YES NO
What agency adjudicated this clearance? __________________________________________________
Investigative basis: ______________________ Type of Investigation: __________________________
Date investigation closed? ____________What agency conducted the investigation? _________________
If selected you will also be required to submit further information in order to obtain the necessary security clearance.
Please direct further inquiries to

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