Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Department of Homeland Security, Office of Public Affairs Fall Internship Program PUBLIC AFFAIRS INTERNSHIP SCOPE OF WORK


Interns will be working on projects related to the mission of the Office of Public Affairs and it’s functional areas:

Internal Communications
• Ensures that key policy, procedural, and operational information from headquarters is disseminated and understood by the Department’s employees, including messages to employees from the Secretary and other senior leaders.
• Works closely with peers in the Department’s component agencies to coordinate messaging and evaluate how best to practice and promote two-way communication.
• Researches communication needs and provides and maintains a comprehensive range of media to address the communication needs of the organization, including management of the DHS intranet, Connect, and publication of an employee newsletter.
• Enables effective organizational change, enhances morale and works to ensure that senior managers are perceived as effective communicators.

Incident Communications
• Ensures that, as appropriate, information related to domestic incidents is gathered and provided to the public.
• Coordinates the communication for incidents of various magnitudes from Developing to Catastrophic.

• Serves as the Department’s principle point of contact for media inquiries and outreach.
• Informs the media on Department activities and priorities and policies of the Secretary and the President with regard to homeland security.
• Advises the Secretary and other Department officials on all aspects of media relations.
• Coordinates senior leadership interviews and news conferences.
• Prepares and issues department news releases, fact sheets, statements, and other supporting documentation.

• Strategic Communications
• Works closely with the DHS Policy office, conducts mid- to long-range strategic communications planning, and strengthens coordination with other Federal departments and agencies.
• Serves as a liaison between DHS and non-governmental organizations to improve public awareness of Department programs and policies.
• Established meaningful dialogue on issues of importance with key groups and stakeholders
• Coordinates speaking engagements, briefings, and conference programs.
• Coordinates internally with Department offices and components on a regular basis to organize and implement communication rollout plans and ensures complete understanding and support for future policies.
• Produces reviews, distributes FAQ’s, fact sheets, and Public Affairs Guidance for upcoming initiatives and policies.
• Manages the Department’s branding (identity) efforts to include proper use of the DHS seal and enforces all branding guidelines.

Web Communications
• Advances and promotes strategic opportunities to address department mission needs using internet and web communications
• Develops strategies, policies and procedures to ensure DHS content is timely, accurate, up-to-date and meets the needs of citizens and stakeholders.
• Advocates web-based communications and provide guidance to DHS on web communications.
• Develops, directs, and maintains Department websites.
• Develops strategies to promote key areas of the web site to ensure the citizens, governments, and businesses can find Homeland Security content.
• Represents the Department on interagency efforts related to web content.
• Manages interagency web incident communications.

• Supports the Secretary and Deputy Secretary by preparing remarks, talking points, and testimony for public and private events.
• Helps develop overall messaging for Department and component leadership.
• Supports incident communications and exercises requiring the Secretary’s participation.
• Support speechwriting team with research and organization of materials needed for speech preparation.

Still Photography
• Directly supports The Secretary and Deputy Secretary.
• Create/Develop internal and external communication programs of still imagery via IMovies, Photoshop CS 4, Bridge and Lightroom 2.

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