Friday, August 20, 2010

Department of Homeland Security, Office of Policy Internship

The Office of Policy is tasked with strengthening homeland security by developing and intergrating Department-wide policies in order to better coordinate the Department's overall mission. It is comprised of various components, each charged with a specific task. Components include the Office of Policy Development, Office of Strategic Plans, Office for State and Local law enforcement , Office of Internal Affairs, Office of Immigration Statistics, Private sector office and the Homeland Security Advisors Council. Internship Placement is dependent of availibility of positions or expressed interests of applicants.

An Intern working in the Office of Policy will find their internship challenging, dynamic, and rewarding. Schedules permitting, an intern may have the opportunity to attend various activities throughout their experience such as:

- Tour the Pentagon
- Tour the White House
- Tour the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
- Tour Customs & Border Protection Canine Training Facility
- Attend Congressional and Senate Hearings related to Homeland Security
- Attend Conferences throughout the city and surrounding area

Who Can Apply?

To apply for an internship within the Office of Policy, you must be:

- A U. S. Citizen
- Currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate accredited college degree

Required items:

- Cover letter
- Resume
- 2-5 page writing sample on any topic

Additional Items (optional):

- Transcripts
- Letter of Reccommendation

To apply, please email all required items to before 11:59pm ET of the Deadline date:

Fall - May15th
Spring - October 15th
Summer - February 15th

You may also submit applications via fax to 202-282-9207. Title all files by last name, semester, and year of application. Ex: SmithFall2010_Resume.

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Where are our Alumni now?
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